AKJ Mexico Conference 2018

Meet executives and experts to evaluate the future

About speakers and topics


Carmakers, Suppliers, Service Providers - with Speakers from Mexico, Germany, Mid/Eastern Europe.
Speakers coming from ABB, AUDI, Bosch, Brose, CeDIAM, Continental, Daimler, FCA, Ford, Hellmann, INA, IPL, PriceWaterhouseCoopers, Schnellecke, Volkswagen, WELLDEX and additional companies nominated as speakers.

Current speakers and topics - alphabetical to name

Ramon Alvarez
INA, Director Mexico City
Automotive Mexico 2020 – The challenges for the Mexican suppliers
in a strong world with more regulations and the need of more innovation
Sergio Bautista
ABB, Robotics and Motion Division Manager, Puebla (MX)
Collaborative Robotics and non-usual Applications in Automotive – Improving
Productivity through Simplification and Collaboration between Humans and Machines.
German Bonilla Bermudez
Innovation Partnership Germany - México
Coordinator of the Technology Program
Melanie Brasch
Schnellecke Logistics, Managing Director Audi Operation, San Jose Chiapa (MX)
Lean Leadership - Practical Approach for the Development of Leaders and Processes
through an excellent Shopfloor Management System at Schnellecke Logistics
Armando Bravo, Ph.D.
Former Director CeDIAM, Mexico City
Moderator Discussion Panel 1 -
Mexico in a new world of opportunities and barriers
Eloi Carranza-Muniz
Continental - Industrial Engineering/Plant Management, Guadelajara (MX)
Continental 2020+ - the way to integrate i4.0 in a world of factory and supply chain Management
Sylvia del Carmen Treviño Medina
Honda de México, Directora de Relaciones con Gobierno, Públicas e Institucionales, El Salto (MX)
Honda de México - Modernización del Tratado de Libre Comercio de América del Norte –
Impacto en la Industria Automotriz
Octavio Fernandez
ADMEXUS, Ph.D, CEO, Mexico City (MX)
Drive Supplier Quality Automotive
Strategy and ways to develop the supply base in Mexico
Simon Hoffmann
Schnellecke Logistics, Vice President Operations México, Puebla (MX)
Mexico’s future into Industry 4.0
Strengths-Weaknesses-Opportunities & Threats
Markus Lange - changed to P. L. Parra
Volkswagen de México, Head of Logistics, Puebla (MX)
New Challenges – The way of Volkswagen México to improve the supply Chain
Speech will be held by Paola Parra
Jiri Mencl
Director Customer, Logistics and Planning bei Bosch México, Toluca (MX)
The way of Bosch in Toluca for industry 4.0 –
Strategy, Concepts and Solutions
Paola L. Parra
Volkswagen de México, Head of Supply Chain Management, Puebla (MX)
New Challenges – The way of Volkswagen México
to improve the supply Chain.
Aaron Peña Saiz
AUDI, Head Logistics Planning Process & Structure, San Jose Chiapa (MX)
Operational Logistics AUDI – Methods and solutions to plan/control
Hector de la Puente
WELLDEX, CEO, Veracruz (MX)
Mexico Customs today – An effective link in your supply chain / Best practices in the Automotive
Adolfo Ramirez
PricewaterhouseCoopers – Partner, Mexico City (MX)
The Mexican Automotive Industry – New challenges in a world of more regulations and competition
Rolf Rettberg
AKJ Automotive Mexico
Moderation and overview AKJ Mexico
Harald Roeck
Brose, General Manager, Puebla
New Challenges in the Foreign Trade Compliance
Status quo and needs for the future
Paulo Santos-Rebelo
Continental, Plant Manager, Querétaro (MX)
Speech will be done by Erick Silva
Prof. Dr. Klaus-J. Schmidt
AKJ & Institute for Prooduction and Logistics, Saarbrücken (DE)
Director AKJ Automotive and Institute for Production and Logistics
Opening Conference and Moderation
Erick Silva
Brose - Purchasing director Brose Mexico, Querétaro
Process-Innovation with Lean and Industry 4.0 –
Strategy, Concepts and Solutions
Ulrich Thoma
Norma, CEO Puebla (MX)
Industrias Norm - Managing Director, Puebla
Opening and Podium discussion
Pricila Urena Martinez
BPS and Induytry 4.0 Department Manager Bosch México, Toluca (MX)
The way of Bosch in Toluca for industry 4.0 –
Strategy, Concepts and Solutions
Martin Wehner
Hellmann, Global Vice President Hellmann Group, Mexico
How to increase transparency in Global Supply Chain – Concept, general
and specific examples (Technology and Manpower) implemented for TESLA