AKJ Mexico Conference 2018

Learn more about the current strategies and activities automotive

08:00 to 09:00 - Lobby

07:30 Opening conference office
  Registration for participants, networking and visit the exhibition

08:30 to 09:00 - Conference hall
Inauguration of the 12th AKJ Automotive and Cluster Conference

08:00 to 09:00 - Lobby

08:30 Inauguration of the 12th AKJ Automotive and Cluster Conference
  with Prof. Dr. K.-J. Schmidt (AKJ/IPL), Harald Roeck (Brose),
Ulrich Thoma (Cluster & Industrias Norm)
together with representatives of the region

09:00 to 11:20 - Conference hall
Session 1 – Automotive industry México – Status Quo and future
Moderated by Harald Roeck (Brose) & Ulrich Thoma (Industrias Norm)

09:00 INA – Ramón Alvarez, Director Adjunto, Mexico City (MX)
Automotive Mexico 2020 –
The challenges for the Mexican suppliers
09:35 Hellmann - Martin Wehner, Global Vice President Hellmann Group, Mexico
How to increase transparency in Global Supply Chain – Concept, general
and specific examples (Technology and Manpower) implemented for TESLA
10:10 Coffee break, networking and exhibition
10:40 Volkswagen de México - Paola L. Parra, Head of Supply Chain Management, Puebla (MX)
New Challenges – The way of Volkswagen México to improve the supply Chain.

11:20 to 12:25 - Conference hall
Mexico in a new world of opportunities and barriers
Moderated by
Dr. Armando Bravo (CeDIAM)

11:20 Mexico in a new world of opportunities and barriers
with Ramon Alvarez (INA), Paola Parra (Volkswagen), Adolfo Ramirez (PwC),
Harald Roeck (Brose), Silvia Trevino (Honda), Martin Wehner (Hellmann)
12:25 Quick lunch, networking and exhibition

13:40 to 15:00 - Conference hall
Session 2 - Drive Supply Chain Excellence
Moderated by
Dr. Armando Bravo (Former Director CeDIAM) and Rolf Rettberg (AKJ Mexico)

13:40 AUDI – Aaron Peña Saiz, Head Logistics Planning Process & Structure, San Jose Chiapa (MX)
Operational Logistics AUDI – Methods and solutions to plan/control
14:15 Bosch – Jiri Mencl, Head of Logistics, Toluca (MX)
Bosch – Pricila Urena Martinez, BPS and Industry 4.0 Department Manager, Toluca (MX)
The way of Bosch for industry 4.0 – Strategy, Concepts and Solutions
14:50 Coffee break, networking and exhibition

15:25 to 18:00- Conference hall
Session 3 – Drive Innovation and future for automotive
Moderated by
Octavio Fernandez (Admexus) ) & Adriana Escoto (ITESM)

15:25 ABB - Sergio Bautista, Robotics and Motion Division Manager, Puebla (MX)
Collaborative Robotics and non-usual Applications in Automotive – Improving Productivity thru Simplification and Collaboration in between Humans and Machines.
16:00 Continental – Eloi Carranza-Muniz, IE/Plant Management, Guadelajara (MX)
Continental 2020+ - the way to integrate i4.0 in a world of factory and supply chain Management
16:35 Coffee break
16:50 Schnellecke Logistics - Melanie Brasch, Managing Director Audi Operation, San Jose Chiapa (MX)
Lean Leadership - Practical Approach for the Development of Leaders and Processes through an excellent Shopfloor Management System at Schnellecke Logistics
17:25 Honda de México - Sylvia del Carmen Treviño Medina, SA de CV
Directora de Relaciones con Gobierno, Públicas e Institucionales
Honda de México
- Modernización del Tratado de Libre Comercio de América del Norte –
Impacto en la Industria Automotriz

18:00 to 22:30 - Networking and Gala Dinner

Networking in the Lobby
Gala Dinner and Networking
End of the first day of Conference