AKJ Mexico Conference 2018

Open your mind to innovations and experts


Participants of the AKJ Conference México have the possibility to inform themselves about innovative products, services and solutions in the automotive industry.

Companies that want to show their products, services and discuss with the participants of the Conference, may rent a special exhibition area at the 6h and 7th of November direct to the Conference rooms. Companies that are interested to use the exhibition facility may ask for the specific conditions.

Organization Office México
Silvia Zwiefel, Industrias Norm, S.A. de C.V. - mail...
Tel: +52 222 273 99 00 Ext. 1009
Cel: +52 1 222 293 36 04

Exhibition and Sponsoring Office México
Moni Cabrera, Industrias Norm, SA. de CV. - mail...
Cel. 22 23 23 75 57

Exhibition and Sponsoring Office Germany
Jörg Kuntz, HTW/SPI Prof. Schmidt, Saarbrücken, Germany, mail...
phone: +49-681-95431-12
phone: +49-681-95431-0