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AWARD 2003

Application for the nomination of the "Cooperative Applied Research Award México - CARAM 2003" is possible for a joined project of companies together with research institutes, universities and vice versa. The criteria to select the best solution or concept of a cooperative research project are:

- Originality
- Innovation
- Practibility
- Utilization
- Impact
- Speed/Effort


The Jury has the objective to select the best solutions or concepts for cooperative research studies between companies and research institutions or universities.

3 Authorities/Experts from Mexican Universities
3 Authorities/experts from Mexican Automotive Companies
1 Authority from Federal Research Council (Conacyt)
1 Authority from German AKJ Automotive

Members 2003/2004
Dr. Gerado Ayala S M, Dean, UDLA Universty, Puebla
Dieter Müllenborn, General Manager, Pepperl & Fuchs and Pres. CAMEXA
NN, UNAM University, México City
Klaus Ulrich Rümler, Vice President, GEDAS de México, Puebla
Victor Manuel López Sánchez, ITESM, Edo Méx, México City
Dr. Klaus-J. Schmidt, IPL, Director, Saarbrücken (Germany), Jury Speaker
Dr. Ricardo Swain, ITESM, Edo Méx, México City
Dr. Hans J. Weber, HTWdS, Vice-Rector, Saarbrücken (Germany)